Nurse Practitioner Salary 2014

Nurse practitioners are professionals in the medical field who act as assistants to the doctors. Nevertheless, their roles are more than that. Practitioner nurses diagnose patients, provide treatment and medication, carry out consultations and help create public awareness on the health issues. In these duties, these nurses can act independently or in collaboration with other […]

Nurse Practitioner Jobs

If you are looking for a promising career in the medical field, becoming a nurse practitioner is a great option to follow. Why should you consider becoming a nurse practitioner instead of any other type of nurse? First of all, the level of training in this career is far better. This means that salaries are […]

Nurse Practitioner Schools

If you’ve decided to get started with a career as a nurse practitioner, you have to select the best schools. Why this career has become so popular as a job opportunity and a career building opportunity? In the past couple of years, the salary index for nurse practitioners has grown almost constantly, with only small […]